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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Daily: Adorable Autumn Street Style!

Just as nature burns with Autumnal delight, the street style around the world, is booming with fashion!
Personal style is at an ultra high, and an attitude of confidence mixed with playfulness is this seasons highlight!
Women are emerging as unique, and embracing their inner style. 
From flannel, to vintage patterns, all kinds of personal touches can be seen in this new movement towards individuality.

My Top 5 Fall Inspirations:
                                   THE FLANNEL CAPE

When it comes to flannel, there is something rather nostalgic about it for me. I can remember back to my school days, and how soft and warm it was. It is comfort fashion at its best and having it made into a chic cape, is pretty amazing. 

                                   COLORFUL PATTERNS

Playful attitudes of color can be spotted in bold choices of printed textile. Mix them up with vintage pieces and you are sure to be creating trends that others will admire!

                                  SCHOOL GIRL INSPIRED

Chic versions of childhood attire is a fun way to remember your past while celebrating your present. 
From sleek overalls, to school uniform skirts, there are fun ways to add playfulness to a rather bland world. 

                                        BLACK and BEIGE

If elegance and sophistication is something your desire, definitely try the color combination black and beige. There is no way to screw up this magical duo. Try it,  style it, love it. 

                                         THE RED SKIRT

There is something about the perfect "red skirt" that makes your feel flirty, beautiful, and unique. Figuring out which shade of red or what shape is right for you may take a lot of trial and error, but well worth it!

Join me tomorrow for more daily Fall Styling!



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    1. Hi Hemayet Ali Kazol,
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  2. love love love the plaid skirt! xx Lita