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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Daily: Harvesting Wheat Fields Inspire Golden Dreams

Vincent van Gogh. Wheatfield with a Reaper, 1890.  Oil on canvas, approximately 2' 5" by 3".  Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.

If the sunset is the golden hour of the day, Fall is the golden season of the year. Harvest time is marked by the the final gifts from nature and the fields are painted golden.
Yellow gold is a mixture of sparkling golds and somber burnt yellows, and it continues to inspire Life in all of us. 
The climactic "Fall effect" of life meeting death, is somewhat appropriate to the somber shimmer of golden yellow. The color has even sparked inspiration in such Artists as Vincent Van Gogh, who often used the color in many of his most famous works. 

Vincent Van Gogh once wrote to his brother Theo the following message regarding his "Wheatfield with a Reaper" painting.

I then saw in this reaper – a vague figure struggling like a devil in the full heat of the day to reach the end of his toil – I then saw the image of death in it, in this sense that humanity would be the wheat being reaped. (...) But in this death nothing sad, it takes place in broad daylight with a sun that floods everything with a light of fine gold."

If there is one color to add to your Fall line up, try a bit of golden sun!

Join me tomorrow for more daily Fall Style! (Posting everyday: October, November)



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