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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall Daily: Art Of Layering Your Fall Outfits

Layers, layers and more layers! 
Mastering your Fall style means grasping the Art of Layering. An outfit is only a complete idea, when all layers work together harmoniously. The more layers you have, the more strategic you must be. During Fall Style, shape, form, color, and textures are all factors that should be considered, and of course, staying warm! 

Here are my top 3 tips on layering Fall Style:

1.) Organized Chaos
When you layer, always consider all your layers as equally important.  Most people only consider the inner-most layer as the most significant. From there we all mindlessly pile on sweaters, scarves, and a jacket. However, clothing layers are more like chapters in a book, and should always work in complete harmony. An idea should always be complete from beginning to end.

2.) Light vs. Thick
One of the biggest misconceptions about colder weather, is the need to only wear thick fabrics. Lighter chiffons, and silks which provide very little warmth, can be beautifully paired with chunkier sweaters and dresses. It is a stylish way to add a pop of color or shine, without the bulk. 

3.) Texture Game
Style should always have a playful side, and layering with unexpected textures stimulate the eye. If you are wearing a simple jean, with a cuddly cashmere top, consider layering with a third or fourth texture. Try adding a fur vest, a colorful blanket scarf, or some statement jewelry. Layers are all about adding something new, and spicing up the "normal". Kick it up a notch guys! 

4.) Color Scheme
If you have many layers, picking a color scheme will help you immensely. For example, if you pick a color scheme of white and black, each layer can consist of different materials and textures but the color scheme will pull it inti ine cohesive look.


Join me tomorrow for more Fall Style! (Posting Everyday: October, November)



  1. I always love layering in the winter! I think is my favorite part about winter.
    I always try to keep it simple with not so many colors, haha

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  2. Hi Pili!
    Me too ❤ I love layering. sometimes i experiment with a lot of colors, and it usually works , but sometimes not. lol