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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall Daily: Seductive Style of Chocolate

Why is chocolate Sexy?

Lately, everything CHOCOLATE has been on my mind. It has literally, melted into my fashion psyche and infused itself into my daily style.

What is it about chocolate that feels so good?

Scientists would probably describe my slight obsession with chocolate as a chemical response to phenylethylamine (PEA) and serotonin found in chocolate. These are natural "feel-good" substances that mimic body reactions similar to falling in love.

However, how would they explain the fact, that chocolate itself, is quite seductive visually? Before even tasting it, the color, texture, and consistency oozes with seduction. The tiniest glance at a tub of melted chocolate or a box of mixed chocolates makes me immediately, lustful.

How to dress like Chocolate:

1.) Color: 
Visualize a chocolate palette. The basics are dark, milk, or white, however, the vast color array of chocolate is endless.

2.) Think texture: 
Chocolate can be decorative and fancy, chopped, melted, etc. If you love the look of melted chocolate try a brown silk scarf, or satin dress. If you fancy a chocolate bar, think leather clutch.

3.) Are you Bitter-sweet?
In my opinion, chocolate is sexy because it is unnoticeably powerful. It combines the bitter flavors of cacao, with the ultra sweetness of sugar, melting two worlds into a blissful harmony. 
There is depth to its character and a quality that should be remembered when styling Fall outfits. There is no need to try too hard when wearing this seductive color. It is not within the color that is sexy but the mixture of wearing "bitter" and yet being sweet. The contradiction is what is seductive. 

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  1. Very creative! Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere :) xx