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Monday, November 2, 2015

Walk With Me Through Versailles

Chateau Versailles is a place I hold very dear to my heart. My countless walks through these grounds, are moments, of inspiration, reflection and delight. It is a beautiful way to absorb the magnificent beauty of life, beauty and nature. Such an enchanting place, it's as if a story book comes to life!

Join me as I stroll through the beautiful grounds of Chateau Versailles with you...

The trees are filled with character, and whisper all the secrets of Versailles. 

Hello Mr. Cat. This adorable kitty lives on the grounds of Versailles,and quite a friendly creature..

Red currant? Delicious. If you pay attention there are many fruit trees on the grounds at Versailles. 

Hello Mr. Lamb....Were you playing in some hay?

Stop looking at me. No love in the Temple of Love. Ironic...

So breath taking you can almost here the music in the wind, the trees, and the birds...

As the day is now coming to the end, this will be my final post dedicated to Queen Marie Antointte's Birthday!

Join me tomorrow as I return to the normal schedule of Daily Fall Style!


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