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Monday, November 2, 2015

Tea Time at Trianon Palace Versailles

In Celebration of Marie Antoinette's Birthday, I decided to reminisce on a delightful memory I had at the Trianon Palace Versailles. 
Trianon Palace Versailles is my favorite hotel to stay in Versailles. It is situated walking distance to Marie Antoinette's Grand Trianon, and PetiteTrianon, and my favorite place in the world. The ambience is eclectic, beautiful,historical,and contemporary. Walking through the gardens, which is literally right next to the hotel, you can experience the life of what it must have been like to live there. Enchanting, magical,and magnificent!

                                          Tea Time!

Such a beautiful collection of exotic fruits bursting on your palette, with just the right blend of the smoothest and most decadent chocolate. Such delightful sweets fit for a queen I would say! Any prior   knowledge of what decadence may be, will be beautiful replaced by a whole new level of luxury. 
A once in a life experience everyone should have!

                                       WHAT I WORE

I believe these photos are from Springtime, which explains my rather light attire. This dress is one of my favorites! I found it in a dusty vintage boutique in Brussels, which is from the 60's. The material is gorgeous, and the small petticoat under the A-line skirt is a marvelous way to pouf it out. 


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