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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Late Night Gift Wrapping: Gift for My Niece!

Being an "Auntie" during Christmas time, is a wonderful thing!
My adorable niece is a little over one years old, and to my personal delight, my access into the world of baby-toddler fashion. 
To my surprise, fashion for these little people, called babies/toddlers, has evolved into a mega industry.      
Pretty much anything you can imagine in the adult world, has been created and styled into adorable "mini" perfection. With limitless variables of possible style combinations, fashion is alive among the younger generation!

For my little niece, who will be spending Christmas with me, I have styled for her a festive, casual "Christmas inspired" outfit. Her headband is a Christmas tree, which I hand sewn several little bells. In all honesty, the headpiece may annoy her, but I am secretly looking forward to putting it on her and hear her jingle all the way.