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Thursday, June 2, 2016


Girls and handbags, are quite the mysterious combination. Every single day we tote around our life and stress about what we need and how we can fit it all. A bag is either too big, too small, too heavy, or just not the right color. If you take one moment away from the obvious, and dump the contents of your bag, what do you see?

The truth is, your bag is a solid representation of where your mind is at. Is it cluttered, chaotic and messy? If yes, then your mind is also having trouble processing, organizing and rationalizing. 

What about the contents?  
When we are students, our bags or backpacks, represent the mindset of learning, and education. After school, the contents of our bag say a lot about what you set as your highest priorities.
If your bag is mainly beauty or grooming products, it means you have set your looks as your highest priority.
What about items that inspire you? Why do we not value our own perceptions? What about items that remind you to look for beauty in the world, or open your mindset to things you would normally forget to notice? Why is it, we value so much of our attention on how we are seen, verses how we see the world?

Join me tomorrow as WHAT'S IN MY BAG goes live on TALKFASHION TV, and you can see the random items I carry to live INSPIRED.


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