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Sunday, June 5, 2016



"SELF EXPRESSION- the expression of your thoughts or feelings especially through artistic activities, ( such as painting, writing, dancing, etc. )

                                                       -Merriam Webster Dictionary

In order to express yourself through fashion, one must understand what it is to do so. Interestingly enough, when I looked up this word in various locations, fashion, was never written as a possible artistic activity that would lead to expressing one's self. Why is that?

The truth is, the act of self expression is an extremely vulnerable place, and very few actually practice it in fashion or life. Yes, many people boast at how original they are and how they self express through fashion, but in actuality, they look and behave exactly like everyone else.

The mindset of fashion in our society is largely a surface issue. Does it make your figure look nice? Does it look expensive? Does it make you look successful? etc.

Fashion should not be used as a form of "armor", nor should it be used to create confidence and self worth. Any sense of power or strength, created by what you wear, is not power that belongs to you. It is an illusion that creates an unhealthy relationship with fashion that is highly profitable. You need clothes to feel like the person you want to be, and now the co-dependent relationship of "buying" self worth is born.

The process of true power and self confidence, is a journey of self expression. No one is just born knowing who they are, or what they like. It takes daily practice within yourself, and a constant battle of self discovery. What do you like, feel, want?

There is such a constant blur of white noise in our lives, that it is difficult to hear ourselves think. Dig deep within yourself and invite that tiny little inner voice to come to the surface. Yes, you can fool the world into thinking you are someone else, but you can never fool yourself.

Originality, is the celebration of discovering bits and pieces of the priceless qualities within you.



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