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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

PART 3: "The Necklace" Guy de Maupassant (2016 Silent Film)


PART 3: The Awakening!

Scene 1:
Rushing back to her apartment, she sits down in front of her vanity, for one last glance at her impeccable reflection. She begins removing her scarf around her neck, and remembering her magical night. The moment is bitter sweet, because she knows everything has come to a dreadful end, and the moment of her life is behind her.
When she finally glances up to her mirror, expecting to see her face lit up by her diamond necklace, she is faced with a completely bare neck! Completely shocked and seeing black, blood rushes to her brain, and her heart starts pumping erratically.

Scene 2:
Ten years pass, and having aged immensely from the stress and hard labor, she is unrecognizable. Spending most depressing days stressed by debt, she has glimpses of that magical night of perfection.

Then, one rainy day, she bumps into her old friend who had lent her the diamond necklace. Having changed so much, she no longer recognized her. She then decides to tell her the entire truth, and admits to losing the diamond necklace and then replacing it with a similar one. The debt from that purchase took her 10 years to pay off, and resulted in the destruction of her life.
Astonished by this news, her friend abruptly stops her and explains the necklace was a FAKE!


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