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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Did you ever think of fashion as not just fashion you buy or wear, but an actual art form? What would that even mean? 
For me, sentimental style, is one way I express fashion style as a form of art. 
 Fashion by nature is intrinsically intertwined with art. However, loss of sentiment in what we wear has pushed us further from the value of expression, and individuality. 

This kimono was a gift from my grandfather to my mother, when she was 5 years old, and this photograph is a photo of me wearing the same kimono at the same age. To this very day I still wear this kimono as a loose cardigan with jeans, or over a sweet summer dress. 

Sentimental style is all about fashion pieces that spark ideas, memories, inspiration, or emotions. Our society somehow rejects these "sentiments" as useless attachments to objects that hold no real value. However, it is a proven fact that human brain, is formed with memory codes, that certain smells, objects, or sounds can trigger. Specific memories and emotions would otherwise stay buried and forgotten.
The value placed on fashion pieces that hold memories, should not be treated as useless old clothes, but treasure pieces that hold the key to memories that are often lost. 


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