Thursday, September 15, 2016



J-LOREN is a brand created by Harriette Thomas and Jason Scott. Their line is geared toward dressing the woman of the night. Between the hours of 6pm to 6 am they have declared their motto as, "We run the night". 
Their style aesthetic is undeniably bold, sexy, raw, and animalistic. The tailoring and cut is formed to celebrate the woman's form and embrace the animal within. 


"HER", is the newest collection of J-LOREN 2016. Unlike, the traditional route of presenting SS 2017, many designers this year have adopted a new trend of showcasing current collections that can be purchased immediately. 
"HER" is is an amazonian goddess, in search for her own power, and control. She hunts and kills the crocodile who is the king of the land, by seducing and then conquering. To show her world her victory she wears his skin as a triumphant trophy, and ominous warning. Her message, "Be from their inner source. Be and become". A cryptic slogan of inner power, domination, and  the personal struggle for survival. 

Me and my bestie at J-LOREN NYFW 2016


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