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Thursday, September 22, 2016


"I wanted to make pieces that can be timeless." "Pieces that you can pick out in a vintage store in 20 years and say, " Wow, I'm happy to have this." 
-Kanye West , VOGUE

Kanye West's 'Yeezy' Season 4, was showcased on Roosevelt Island, featuring an army of models that were casted via twitter. Attracting nearly 10,000 responses, a requirement for strictly "multi-racial" models, led to a careful planned controversy, that created just the right amount of buzz leading up to his show.

The Yeezy Show, was a rather disorganized mess and the blistering heat did not help anyone. Models were wilting one by one, streaming sweat, and fogging up their clear vinyl thigh high boots. Viewers of the show could not help but feel an uncomfortable wave of absurdity. Are the models okay? How long would this last? Why are we here and how is this part of fashion week?
Unfortunately, all the social media in the world could not spice up this rather bland collection inspired by "Calabasas". The pieces were redundant from his last collection and rather basic, in structure and form. Resembling undergarments like spanx, one should never spend so much money to look so under dressed. 

The whole situation reminded me of the childrens' story, The Emperor's New Clothes, where two swindler's convince an Emperor of creating the smartest outfit out of special thread that only intelligent people could see. Of course, the whole spectacle was a lie, but only the innocence of a small child could break the silence of absurdity. 

Unfortunately, no such child existed on this day, and the Kardashian maufia, were spotted all over social media and fashion week, wearing Yeezy's spanx and spreading a regrettable new trend. 


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