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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


 Kim Kardashian is a media mogul and with over 84 million Instagram followers she is social media royalty. Seen at nearly every major fashion show of SS 2017, Kim K's presence weighed heavily at this years fashion week.

What are the pros and cons?


Publicity, publicity, publicity! 
The sole purpose for inviting Kim Kardashian, is for her undeniably strong media power. Whether it be her reality show, or her social media platforms, one tweet, photo, or shout-out, can yield instant success. 
In other words, MONEY can be made.


Drama, drama, drama!
Oh, the drama! There is no surprise that a seasoned reality pro will be dragging a LOT of drama everywhere she goes. 
Take for example,  her recent robbery during Paris Fashion week. 
Media coverage normally warranted to the biggest fashion houses of Paris, were completely out shined by the chaos over her multi million dollar heist.
Everywhere the Kardashian clan arises there is a media circus that causes chaos, confusion and misdirection. 

So the question is,
 how beneficial is Kim Kardashian's presence at Fashion Week?

Lets think for one second, not with our wallets, but with our minds and our artistic souls. How much do we sell, until we realize we have nothing left?  Every #NYFW, or fashion review, has some form of Kardashian take over, and it leaves you questioning, the price that fashion has paid.
Is it really worth the publicity, if fashion itself, dies in the social media game?


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