Saturday, October 15, 2016


Alice and Olivia SS2017 RTW, is inspired by the mystical world of Tarot cards, rainbows, and magical gardens. 
Designer, Stacey Bendet was greatly inspired by her recent trip to Italy, and in particular, the Gardens of Bomarzo. 
Influences and inspirations run wildly throughout her collection and also in the scenic background of her #NYFW Presentation. 


Located in northern Italy, Gardens of Bomarzo, were created in the 16th century. Also known as, Park dei Monstri, the sculptures are created not to please but astonish. 

Sculptures in the garden include: Pegasus, Two Sirens, Proserpina, Orcus, a whale, 2 bears, a dragon, Proteus, Hannibal's elephant, Cerberus, a turtle, small theater, giant, triton, ceres, nymph, Aphrodite, and giant fruit. 

The garden was created by Pier Francesco Orsini after the death of his beloved wife. 
The garden has even inspired surrealist painter Salvador Dali to make a short movie and painting. 

Look carefully and you can spot various spots from the Garden of Bomarzo in this Alice + Olivia dress. 


"I kept thinking about how tarot cards are really about the power of interpretation, and so is clothing."

-Stacey Bendet

On her trip to Italy with artist, Lola Schnabel, she became intrigued and inspired by the Tarot cards Schnabel painted. 
Tarot cards can be found throughout the collection as symbols, prints, and accessories. 
As an empowering movement of interpretation and expression, Bendet allows one to use fashion to control one's personal reality. 

"Your outfit each day is your personal art---it's the way you express yourself to the world each morning....So be a rainbow!"
-Alice and Olivia


"Ever day should have a rainbow!" 

-Alice and Olivia


Alice + Olivia designer, Stacey Bendet, can be spotted in caricature form through out the SS 2017 Collection. 


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