Monday, December 19, 2016


Is this sweater ugly or festive to you?

What do you see?

😄festive: cheerful, joyful, jovially cheerful.

😖ugly: unpleasant, repulsive in appearance.


During Christmas past, holiday sweaters use to be described as festive. I can remember as a child wearing them to school, and pretty much everyone else wore them too. Adults, teachers, children,  we all proudly wore them while wishing merriment to everyone and anyone who would listen.
These sweaters were more than a fashion statement but a process of celebrating and sharing joy with others.  
We would all wish each other a merry christmas and jingle all around the neighborhood. It was these sweaters that signaled our Christmas spirit! There was no shame or idea of "disgust" for being too sparkly, or overly embellished.  


Not to get all Charles Dickens on you, but have we all become a bunch of Scrooges?!
Why is it that we now make fun of Christmas sweaters? We intentionally make them as ugly as possible, get together, and make fun of each others ugliness.  If that doesn't spell out a dysfunctional society, I'm not really sure what does. 

Have we as a society become so pessimistic,  that we view the active display of joy, as a form of disgust? 
Or are we all a bunch of cowards, who are too scared to show that we have an honest need to be happy?

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year and it is the one month in a year, we can give ourselves a break from our pessimistic ways, and be genuinely optimistic!

Take care and Happy Holidays! :)


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