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Sunday, April 8, 2018


I Feel Pretty, is an upcoming movie starring Amy Schumer, who is a woman struggling with her own body image, but awakens feeling transformed into a flawless beauty.
What would you do if you  awoke one day without a care in the world and absolute body confidence? Would it be enough to start living your life, or would it lead you to a life of delusion and narcissism?

It is an interesting idea of how we "feel" verses how we are. If you feel beautiful, you are bringing out beauty that you have. A brightness, a smile, a light, you are giving off energy. This is interesting, because we live in a society highly dominated by what we see verses what we feel. The need to be "flawless", and the obsession of all or nothing. It has the majority of us seeing only our flaws, while completely neglecting the positive.
It's like chasing a rainbow without realizing you've already got it.

Beauty is a complex mixture of what we see and how we feel. It will be exciting to see what they will do with this idea of how emotions affect our visions.

I Feel Pretty, Coming Soon... (April 20, 2018)


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