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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Style Tip 3 : How to Style "Boyfriend's White Shirt"

Hello dolls! My favorite wardrobe staple is the white buttoned down shirt! It is the most versatile clothing item and can change almost every look. I suggest you buy one that is made well, and fits you in a flattering way. The title " boyfriends white shirt" doesnt mean to go get a man's shirt. You should get one that fits you snuggly, so you can layer things over it without looking bulky. *TIP* Statement jewelry! They are a quick way to tie in a white shirt with a skirt, or a dress. *Tip* Layer. Wear a cool t-shirt or crop top over it and you can easily transition summer favorites into fall. *TIP* Flirty dresses. Don't be scared to wear your shirt under a girly dress. It will add some quick boyish charm and contradict the sweetness. *Tip* Strapless. Don't be scared to pull out your strapless tops or dresses. It is a quick way to warm up your favorite dresses from summer into fall. *Tip* Play around. Keep an open mind. Have fun with playing around with my favorite wardrobe piece! Xo maya

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