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Monday, August 19, 2013

Style Tip 2: Styling the Little Black Dress

Hello darlings! We have all heard about the necessity of all girls, of any age to find that special, "Little black dress". But do we really know why it is so important? The truth is, it is extremely versatile, and it can be styled in every possible occasion. If you can only invest in one, I suggest going for a fabric that can go either day or night. Choose a shape that flatters your body type and not too long. Stay away from added embellishments such as beads, flowers, or decorations. The key is to pick a dress that is simple. If you follow these rules, you will get more opportunities to wear it. Casual day: Take your little black dress and match it with some sneakers, a cool scarf and matching bag. It is effortless cool, and you will be comfortable all day. If you want to dress down the look quickly, take a simple flannel shirt, wear it open, and sitch the waste with a belt. Date Night: The looks I have prepared, are great for business women who want a cool outfit that is sexy enough to go on a quick lunch date, or after work. A quick style tip, wear your most unique pumps and work your outfit around the shoe. The simplicity of the black dress will showcase the shoe and give immediate sex appeal. Special Occasion: If you pick a mini for your dress, you can simply add a longer, light weight skirt over it. This will add some length and give a more "formal" look. Have fun playing around with your Littleblack dress! Xo maya

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