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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Styling Tip 4: How to Layer Necklaces

Hello darlings! One of the quickest ways to bring your "look" to the next level is by using statement jewelry. I often layer my jewelry and then have that inspire the rest of the outfit. Layering at first can be a bit tricky so I have some helpful tips to help you from looking like a Christmas tree. *Tip* The jewelry you layer should somehow make sense. If you have never layered jewelry, start out by matching same materials or colors. For example, all gold, or all beads, or all black...etc. *Tip* Lengths. Play with different lengths when choker, one long, etc. *Tip* If you use one bulky statement piece, the rest should accompany it. Think a little longer, and lighter. *Tip* Keep your outfit simple. When you make such a statement with your jewelry, keep your outfit and shoes neutral or one color. Let your Jewelry be the featured piece of Art. If you can't decide, just wear head to toe black and have some crazy statement jewelry. *Tip* Be Creative! Trust your eye. Think outside of what you know, and bring out your inner Fashionista! Xo Maya

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