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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quirky Loafer DIY

Kitty cat, DIY. This is a super easy way to Quirk up your simple, untinteresting loafer. All you need are some scissors, tiny scraps of leather for the ears, gold puffy paint, and a hot glue gun. Design the face as you like, and add ears. If you are thinking, is this look a bit inmature for a fashionista out of college and in the professional work world? As long as you stick to only gold paint and a dark colored loafer, I promise you the kitty design is not too noticeable, and will make you smile every time you glance at them. When people finally realize they are cats, I guarantee it will strike up a conversation, and instant charm to your image. How would I wear them? I love to sport a crisp white man's shirt, with tight black leggings, and gold jewelry. My hair would be tied in a pony tell curled, and my make up would be minimal and fresh. Think Quirky Audrey Hepburn. xx -m

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