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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Pick a Sexy Outfit for Thanksgiving!

Hello Ladies! The big question I am constantly asked by clients is, how to be sexy when you know you are going to be eating a lot at an event? Well ladies, the following tips will help you chose the right outfit in your closet so you can feel secure and confident before and after you stuff your face with glorious food. First of all, think COLOR. When there is a lot of food, and people, chances are something is going to spill or land on you. Choose a dark color, Black, dark brown, dark purple, etc. It is also slimming and will hide any bloating. Second, just say no to anything without stretch. I have paired a gorgeous Valentino Leather legging and it will shape to your body, and remain on your team all night. Jeggings are also your friends but fitted jeans will just make you feel like a pork sausage, and your "boyfriend" jean will just make you look fat. flowly dress is another wonderul option, and if you want to cinch your waste, opt for a skinny belt and place it a bit above your stomach line. It will elongate your leg while, keeping your mid section free of suffocation. Thirdly, Shoes! This is the day to pull out your sexiest shoes. Keep the focus on your feet, or shoulders, anything to distract fromthe fabulous middle area. Get yourself a beautiful pedicure and find your flirtiest peasant blouse that will celebrate a little shoulder or decote. Finish off with beautiful chandelier earings, a red lip, loose flowy curled hair, and the perfect bag!xx

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