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Monday, December 16, 2013

Blogmas Day 16: Do You Still Believe?

Nail care

The Polar Express

When I was a little girl, I loved the book, "Polar Express". I can remember flipping through the pages  in absolute awe of the majestic drawings of what the North Pole must be like. At the time, I was a little girl, the same age as the boy featured in the story. It is very strange to look back on the same book, unchanged, but finding myself as an adult now. 
In the story, the little boy takes the polar express to visit the North Pole and meet Santa Clause. He is then given a present, a small silver bell, that rings only if you Believe. Throughout the years the bell rings softer and softer, challenging the strength of his ability to Believe.
Christmas always brings me back to my childhood, and the girl that I once was, and the woman, that I have become. As strange as it might seem, that girl still lives within me. Wanting to "Believe" in unbelievable things, and trusting in the unknown.
Today's outfit is inspired by your inner child. From adorable red stilettos with jinglebell straps, red v- neck dress, red silk ribbon headband and magical sparkly nails. Celebrate the spirit of the holidays by remembering a childhood favorite outfit and get inspired to reflect that outfit in a way that works for your now. Enjoy!



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