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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lady Gaga or Christmas Tree?

Fashion Icon, Lady Gaga never fails to shock her audience, and on December 8, she stepped out as her most festive self in London.
 A Christmas Tree. I wonder if she just woke up in the morning and decided, "I think I"ll be a Christmas Tree today". Or more likely it was probably a carefully crafted move by her PR team and a bunch of grown designers planning this shocking  look. She was after all performing at the Jingle Bell Ball Concert that night. 

She wore her trademark PVC black boots, a bright red structured pantsuit, and a hat structured to look like the top of a tree with ornaments, and star. Her make up was stunning, from red nails to red lips, and perfect old hollywood hair, (despite the color). In my opinion the only thing that did not hit the mark for me was the tacky cheap tree hat that looks like a child's craft project. Her whole outfit is high fashion, why the cheap looking hat topper with no imagination, a bit too literal for my taste.

I would have loved to see her with maybe a hat made out of green wires in crazy barb wire bundles, with different color gemstones glued around it as "inspirational" ornaments. For the star on top, perhaps, a soft glowing light, inside the wire.  Something artsy, something new...


  1. wow she always comes out with such extravagant outfits. I just think whats her next outfit going to be like! great post love xxx