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Monday, January 13, 2014

Frumpy to Stylish in 5 min With Your Glam Bag

In my previous post I have written about the contents of a Glam Bag, and how it can transform you from frumpy to stylish in 5 min.

Here I have taken a typical outfit I would wear on my lazy days wear I barely get my hair up, nerdy black frames, a t-shirt with something silly written on it, and a cropped black jacket to keep me warm. A perfectly great outfit to go to school and read books or to work when you know you will not have any meetings or appointments. Then your phone rings....

"Hey are you free tonight? I have extra tickets to a Concert, wanna go?"

You have no time to go home, you look like a mess, but you really want to go, what to do? It's moments like these a pre packed Glam bag will come in handy. Leave it in your trunk, locker, office, etc. and never worry about a last minute invite again!


$23 -

T shirt
$11 -

Black blazer

David Lerner clothing
$240 -

H&M black boots
$49 -

Sabine statement necklace

H&M plastic glasses
$6.56 -

Coach perfume

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