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Monday, January 13, 2014

What's a GLAM Bag?

The Glam Bag is for those moments when you find yourself horribly under dressed, and you need a glam miracle. We've all had those moments, where the one day you went to work or school, looking rather blah, you get an invite to something rather special. Or perhaps you have been working all day, and now you must go to a fancy business dinner. Wouldn't it be nice to quickly and easily look 10 times more glamorous?

If this sounds like you, then here is a solution. Pre make this Glam Bag and never say no to glamour again.

You will need:

1.) A Bag 

2.) Hollywood Secrets, foldable ballet flats

3.) Perfume

4.) Make up Palette, and Nail Polish

5.) Silk scarf

6.) Brooch

7.) Black T-shirt

8.) Cuff

9.) Hair Clip

10.) Contacts

11.)  Earrings

12.) Statement Necklace

Keep this bag in your car, office or locker. I recommend to use inexpensive pieces, just to be safe. It is also ideal for travel trips.



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