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Friday, January 10, 2014

"To-Go" Make-Up Bag Essentials

What do you carry in your "on the go" make up bag? 
For me, my make-up bag needs to be 3 things, small, light, and useful. 
This means narrowing it down to the basics. Everything in this bag is neutral and clean. I have chosen to keep the look "natural" because it avoids the mistake of carrying way too much product. It is designed to give your face a fresh, healthy, canvas. If you wish to drop in your lip color of the day, then thats the only thing you need to add. 

*Tip* When you buy cosmetics, ask your salesperson for samples. Tiny mascaras, perfume, moisturizer, concealer, are all perfect ways to eliminate the bulk in your make-up bag. 

1.) Make-up Wipes: 
I cannot stress how much these on the go wipes will come in handy. If your eye- make-up smudges, or your face feels muddy and needs a freshen up, nothing makes your life easier than these wipes. It provides you with a clean canvas, with no need for water, product, or towels. 

2.) Concealer:
Always need a handy concealer to hide any imperfections.

3.) Face powder:
The best way for a quick touch up.

4.) Blush:
Think natural flush tones. 

5.) Lip product:
Pick a neutral gloss, and your favorite lipbalm.

6.) Beauty Tools:
Brushes, eyelash curler, and a tweezer.

7.) Eye makeup:
Mascara, eye-liner, and a neutral eyeshadow 

8.)Brow Pencil:
Nothing gives your face a lift like a little brow love.

9.) Perfume:
Whether it be a small sample or the solid form, have something for a quick freshen up.

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