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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Truth About Herve Leger Dresses

Herve Leger dresses are extremely popular. With that said, here are my opinions on this specific brand.

1.) You look like a Mummy.
Their signature look is based on the extreme hugging of your figure, and the way they achieve this is by their combining of many elastic bands to make an entire dress. Yes you feel thinner and hotter, but you look visually uncomfortable.

2.) Signature look for "Real Housewives of---"
These type of dresses are very popular among the reality housewives featured on BRAVO. Lets just put it this way, it isn't a good thing. They resemble the charcters  of the show, by being sexy, grab your attention, cost a lot, but have nothing interesting to say. 

3.) All about Sex. Nothing About You.
The shape and material of these dresses is focused so much on your body shape, there is not much "fashion" involved. The great thing about styling or designing is making  something  that shows character and personality. This dress is only about sex. Every curve in your body is exposed and that is the only focus of everyone's eye. 

4.) Crazy Expensive.
It baffles me, that such a brand is considered on the same price point as the top fashion designers of the world, but I will say their genius is in their fabric. I wouldn't be  surprised if there is a patent on their textile made of elastic bands. It has a way of making the human body look better than it actually is. 

5.) Looks like a Speedo.
Lastly, I must say whenever I see girls in these dresses, I have flashbacks of my swim team years. The material is very similar and the cut and feel on the body is uncanny. 


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