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Sunday, January 5, 2014

PR 2014: Best Foods for Perfect Skin

For Perfect skin what you eat is just as important as any skincare product you may apply. Here are the top 4 foods to add to your diet. 

1) Almonds: Packed with Vitamin E, protecting the skin cells from UV Lights.

2) Carrots: Packed with Vitamin A, preventing overproduction of cells in the skins outer layer. Clears up skin and prevents breakouts.

3) Dark Chocolate: Chocolate?! Yes. Pretty unbelievable but it contains antioxidants that reduce roughness in skin and protects agains sun damage. Unfortunately, this is not the sweet kind, purely cacao bean. 

4) Green Tea: Helps prevent cancer. This power drink is filled with antioxidants.

5) Tomatoes: Eliminates skin-aging free radicals. This red vegetable is filled with Lycopene, a photochemical that is sure to fight against stress and keep you young.

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