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Friday, January 3, 2014

PR 2014: HAIR Basics 411

If you ever shopped for a hair brush you probably know what a daunting task it has become. Now a days there are so many choices, often times people have no idea what they are buying and just chose whatever they feel would work. 

The truth is, each brush has a purpose and finding the right brush is the difference between healthy hair and damaged hair. 

Is your brush right for you? Here is the 411 on Brush knowledge. 

(See above diagram)

1.) Natural Bristles: for all hair types 

2.) Mixed bristles: for normal to thick hair

3.) Paddle brush: for straight hair

4.) Round Brush: for blowouts

5.) Metal Brush: To create curls

6.) Vented Brush: To create volume

7.) Wide tooth Comb: Detangle wet hair

8.) Fine Tooth Comb: Tease and smooth

Best Foods for Hair Health

* Fruits & Veggies


*Sweet Potatoes





*Kidney Beans

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