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Friday, January 3, 2014

PR 2014: Runway Trend Alert, 60's!

2014 Fashion Runway was filled with 60's infused looks! Stay fresh on the ball  and revamp your wardrobe by finding key pieces that are iconic for the 60's!

When I think of iconic 60's, think of Twiggy, and Audrey Hepburn, "Breakfas t at Tiffany's". It is a fashion era that gave birth to Quirkiness. It is playful, colorful, and fun.

What to look for to be 60's inspired.
* fun sunglasses: cat eye, interesting designs, etc.
*polka dots
*short, colorful baby doll dresses
*knee high socks
*geometric designs
*big statement earrings 

Adding a few 60's iconic pieces, will guarantee added spice to your old wardrobe while keeping you fresh on trend. If you can't afford straight off the runway, pay some love to your local vintage shops or Thrift stores. They make fantastic shops to find the most hidden gems! 



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