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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

PR 2014: *Secrets*of Picking Winter Accessories

During the cold final months of winter, at minimum 4 main fashion accessories should be considered. If you only need one hat, then be sure to match that hat with your gloves, statement necklace and scarf. 

The problem with most girls are they pick their favorite hat one day, a fabulous scarf another day, and gloves maybe from last year? Not to mention if you bought a coat loving a new trendy color, you can end up looking like a hot mess when you have to wear all of them together. 

My advice is, match your accessories to your coat. Hat, gloves, scarf, put it together in away to show your style. Believe it or not, this is the main outfit people will see you in all winter. Avoid those pre-made sets where you can buy all 3 together. It is a safe way to look okay, but honestly it is too matchy-matchy. Be unique and figure out a trio that sets you apart from the standard girl.

Lastly, match your jewelry to your accessories. It will tie your outwear together with your inner wear. Everything will become a complete idea and set your fashion bar very high. 

good luck!



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