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Monday, January 6, 2014

PR 2014: *SECRET* Wardrobe Essentials (Winter)

Do you ever wonder why dressing is so unbelievably difficult? Your closet is packed with clothing and yet it is very difficult to pull together a full look. Why?

The answer is simple. When we shop we do not think about the full look. We pick a great top, or sexy skirt, but we see things piece by piece. Very rarely do we buy a full outfit from head to toe. What ends up happening is we havea full closet of incomplete pieces. 

Here are my SECRET must have pieces that will make dressing everyday super easy. It will complete your collection of incompletes. You have every necessary piece to mix and match a perfect look head to toe. The three key colors black, white, and nude. If you cannot afford all three then pick your most likely to wear color and complete all the items in that color. Every item in each color group is made to match together and to mix and match with your current pieces. If you can ever complete all the essential pieces, the pieces can all be mixed in matched within all color groups. It really is impossible to fail with these pieces. 

Buying key pieces may be dull, but I guarantee, it will make your life much easier and dramatically boost your style. 

Monsoon pink dress

Alice You black prom dress

AX Paris pink dress
$21 -

L K Bennett top
$220 -

L K Bennett white shirt
$125 -

Black top

Pure Lime black shirt
$74 -

Harrods white cape coat
$2,255 -

Fur trimmed coat

Mother jeans

Acne Studios clothing
$135 -

Black skirt
$140 -

Triumph beige skirt
$82 -


  1. Such a great post!! you can never go wrong with neutral colours! Love it :D
    Ava xox