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Sunday, January 5, 2014

PR 2014: Travel Essentials


1) READ: Whether it be a book, or magazine bring something to keep you occupied. Travel is filled with gaps of time where you have nothing to do. 

2)Listen: Load up your favorite songs on your i-phone, or ipod. Nothing helps the hours go by than a set of your favorite tunes.

3)EAT: Snacks! Bring little snacks. You never know where you might get stuck and having quick little snacks are very convenient.

4)HYDRATE: Bring a good moistuizer and lip balm. The high altitude in closed quarters calls for a very dry travel. The stress on your skin can make you look horrifying. 

5) Refresh: Stay feeling fresh with eye drops and minty gum. 

6) Brighten: Add instant glow to your skinner with a brightener. Perfect for a quick pick you up, at landing. 

7) CLEANSE: Bring hand sanitizer, and mini face soap. 

8) CHARGE: Pack your Chargers with you. 


If you would like to wear make-up, I suggest you remove it while in the air, and re-apply at landing. Keep your look to the basics. Light foundation, blush, eyeliner, and nude eye shadow. 


  1. Nice post! Hydrating is definitely very important!
    Love, Shabana