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Sunday, January 5, 2014

PR 2014: Key Pieces for Airport Style

Airport Style! In 2013, most of us flipped through celebrity magazines, envying celebrities who looked amazing with no make-up fresh off the plane. How do they do it? What do they have that sets us a part from them?

The answer lies in a few key items that you should always consider.

Cool sunglasses: 
You may think it is unnecessary to have them with you but they are fantastic for sleeping in the airplane, or airport, and they are a life saver at covering your no-makeup face with dark circles.

Leggings & Jeggings:
Stretch is your friend. Not only is it slimming but it allows you to move with ease.

Nothing adds effortless style like a light-weight scarf. It is also useful to cuddle with as a mini blanket when you take short naps here and there.

As much as I am a believer in the beauty of a good high heel, I do believe in the airport it is not appropriate. It visually looks painful to see a woman lugging bags and walking up and down escalators in sky high heels. This is the time to embrace your gorgeous ballet flats, trendy sneakers, or loafers. If you want to look sexy, carry a pair of sexy heels in your bag, but either way always have flats with you.

Big Bag:
As much as I love a small cross body clutch, when you are traveling there are essentials you need and a good sturdy bag can be the difference between a good trip and a uncomfortable one. 

My favorite type of jacket for the airport is a light weight, cashmere, over sized knit. It is basically the softest blanket shaped to fit you like a jacket. It is snuggly soft and allows for the most comfortable trip.

Lip balm:
Chapped lips are never sexy. My favorite products are CARMEX, and Dior 

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