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Thursday, February 13, 2014

When Mermaids Go to the City!

DIY your own Beachy Hairspray!

Natural Beachy hair is not only a "Summer" style. It is a year around fabulous way to look great with no work. 

If you have  hair with natural wave, you wont need to do anything but spray this solution and style as desired. If your hair is stick straight and won't hold a curl, then, spray into your hair, braid your hair into two parts, and sleep over night. In the morning, spray, style, and go. 

good luck.


How to Be a Natural Mermaid Beauty

To be a true Mermaid Beauty, think less is more. 
Your main essentials are, BB cream, finishing powder, mascara, eyeliner, bronzer, cheek and lip stain. 
That really is it. Make sure everything is waterproof and ready to jump back into the Sea. 

Mermaid Eyes


If you are going for a special evening out, try this sexy eye look, that gives and effect of smokey eyes in a very beachy way!


Mermaid Royal Ball Style!

Missy Mermaid Chooses Orange!

Little Miss Mermaid has chosen this breathtaking, golden orange, silk mermaid cut evening gown to wear to the Royal Ball. For accessories, she sticks to her roots, and picks earrings, cell phone cover, and necklace all made of shells. 

She accented the warm undertones of orange with golden crystal Louboutins. She kept her hair down, natural, loose, and flowing. Make up was minimal, fresh clean and easy!

Little Mermaid Goes Shopping for a Dress

Little Mermaid Goes Shopping for a Dress

Luvuary Day 13

Little Miss Mermaid needs a very important dress! 
She has just been invited to the Royal Seaside Ball, and finding the perfect dress is harder than she imagined! 
Never had she seen so many gorgeous dresses, picking just one is harder than you would expect. 

What dress do you think she will pick? Which dress would you choose?


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ombre French Tip Nails!


Traditional French tipped nails with ombre? Can we say, genius? 
Not only does it look more natural, it is so much easier to achieve this look yourself, than the traditional way where you have to make a straight like that almost never looks right. 

So how to ombre? 

1. You will need, a sponge, toothpicks, or little paint brush, clear plastic, and your desired colors. 

2.) Paint all your nails with the lightest color.

3.) Drop several drops of the two colors, side by side, on a clear plastic surface. 

4.) Mix the the middle section of the adjoining color to creating shading.

5.) Take a sponge and gently go over the nail polishes.

6.) Lightly press onto nail.

7.) Let dry.

8.) Finish off with top coat

All finished! xo

DIY Ombre Lips


Ombre lips are all over the runway and sign, make up is transforming into a true art form.  No longer simply adding color, now you have the option to play with shading! Mixing and matching different colors, and creating variation in shades, can greatly change your face and mood of an overall look.

Achieving all these ombre lips are super easy. All you need is a lip brush, at least two lip glosses, and powdered glimmer. The next step is just blend, blend, and be creative!

Ombre Romance

A Date with Ombre


Ombre Style, is one of my personal favorite ways to play with color. For those of you who live under a rock and have never heard the term, "ombre" it actually is a french word, meaning tones that shade into each other. 
From Hair, nails, lips, and fashion, Ombre is everywhere! Playing with these colors has massive artistic potential due to the color palette being so refined. Creating softness in a otherwise harsh world is easy when you ombre. 


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