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Monday, March 24, 2014

Gorgeous Denim in Balmain Spring 2014!

Who knew Denim Could be so Glamorous?

Balmain has mastered the art of Denim. Spring and Resort 2014 features amazing pieces that feature denim in a fun, flirty, and ultra glamorous way. Balmain achieves unexpected glamour with gold accent pieces that are chained or embroidered into delicate flowers. The collection also masterfully intertwines rhinestone and lace, with denim to create a fresh new look that balances the hard, with the ultra soft.

This new idea of combining denim with chains, lace, or rhinestones, should inspire those when they reach into their closets this Spring. Take out those old denim pieces that you never imagined as high fashion, and style them with a lace top, gold chain, or belt. Match with a high heeled boot that is ultra glamorous! 
Have fun styling pieces you never thought would go together!



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