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Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to Do a Chignon in 3 Easy Steps

The hairstyle called, Chignon comes from the french word, "chignon du cou" meaning the nape of the neck. It is basically a low bun that can be styled in a million ways, and fit almost any look in a matter of minutes. 

Simple Chignon in  3 Easy Steps

* You will need: hair ties, hair pins, and a hair brush.

1.) Tie your hair in a low pony tail.

2.) Twist your hair or braid it, and secure with a tie.

3.) Wrap the hair around into a bun, and secure with hair pins.

Different Types of Chignons for Different Looks

You would be surprised how different a chignon can look based on how you style it. 

Kenzo 2014 Chignon- Sleek and Soohisticated.
Slick back your hair, and wrap the bun tightly and achieve an elegant look, that is fierce, and polished.

Romantic- Twist the the sides of your hair, intwining into a soft bun for a romantic look. 

The Rose- Achieve this beautiful chignon by splitting your pony in two and wrapping one part first, and then another around it.

Braided- Adding various braids, will only add to the natural look, creating a very soft, loose chignon.

Dolce & Gabanna 2014- Part in the middle, braid, wrap, and add flowers for a perfect Spring look.


  1. When I try to wrap my hair in a bun and pin it, there are frays at the end of it. How do you take care of those little frays that stick out?
    Bright and Shiny

  2. Hi Brightandshiny87,

    To control those stubborn little frays that love to poke out, you can use a light hair spray and pat or comb them down, or if your hair is thick and coarse like mine you can try a hair wax. good luck.