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Friday, March 7, 2014

Karl Lagerfeld Style


Style Genius, Karl Lagerfeld is the King of fashion. 
As head of French powerhouse, CHANEL, he has managed to honor Coco Chanel's legacy while, adding his own rockstar imprint.
He keeps the brand current and modern. Adapting to the ever changing world of fashion, and Lifestyle.

Rocking Lagerfeld's look has some key elements.

1. Black and White love: 
Almost always in black and white, balancing elegance and minimalism with a rockstar vibe.

2. Sunglasses:
Never without his classic black shades. Nothing adds more mystery to the face, than covering up the windows to your soul.

3. Leather: 
Always in black, Lagerfeld uses leather to add a "biker edge"

4.) Neck accessories:
Whether it be a necklace, a bow, or necktie, almost never is his neck bare. 

5.) Chains:
Belt chains, necklace chains, almost wherever you imagine, Lagerfeld uses these chains to add that kick of edge against ultimate class. 

The Row black top

IRO studded vest
$535 -

Versace black jewelry

Crystal jewelry

The Row black sunglasses

The Row black sunglasses
$445 -

Black glove
$98 -

$5,695 -

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