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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Row: Olsen Twins Dominate the Fashion World

The Row, is a beloved fashion house run by the Olsen twins, more popularly known as "Michelle Tanner" on the iconic 90's sitcom, "Full House".  These girls have come a long way from their infamous baby days and have out shined their legacy with their lasting imprint in fashion. 

Normally, I have a strong dislike for fashion brands that emerge among "celebrities" or starlets creating fashion lines that are extremely marketable and popular, but highly lacking in innovation. 
"The Row" is not the case. These girls have proven that they belong among the elite of designers. Showcasing collections, season after season that are fresh, insightful, poetic, and cool. They have become a popular favorite among celebrities, editors, and fashion critics receiving rave reviews.

Their Spring Collection 2014, is my personal favorite. Here I have collected my top picks and must haves straight off the runway at New York Fashion Week. 



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