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Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Everyday Ballet Style

My Everyday Ballet Style

A ballerina is grace, beauty, and feminity all wrapped up in fabulous style. With my current passion for Classical Ballet, it is no surprise that it would start to influence my day to day style.

First of all, sticking to a color palette of nudes, peaches, pinks, black, grey, and white is a easy way to soften your look and add feminity to any modern style. 
Chiffon skirts, are flirty fun, and so fun to twirl all day. They are such a feminine touch that flatter a body fit black top perfectly.The only tip is to make sure the top is tight, and will allow the beautiful lines of your upper body to be showcased. To keep warm, I am loving the classic cashmere knit wrap cardigan. At 5'2 I am short, I prefer, a cropped top to give the illusion of elongated legs. For shoes, of course I love nothing more than my little French Repetto black pumps, that add a bit of height with a tiny heel. To finish off, all accesories are by Mulberry in pale pinks. 


Body edition
$450 -

Black skirt
$205 -

White skirt

Repetto black pumps

Mulberry crossbody purse

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