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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Angela Rachelle: Fashion and Life from the perspective of an Actress

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twitter: @angrachelle
instagram: daisydream17

Angela Rachelle, actress/singer, is a fresh faced, South Dakota born, beauty that is so down to earth you would never realize all her accomplishments. She is winner of best actress at Barebones International Independent Film & Music Festival, and more recently, you can spot her in CBS hit show, "The Mentalist", TBS series "10 dates from Hell" or American dark comedy film "Sexy Evil Genius".

Recently, I met with the lovely Angela Rachelle, and she agreed to an exclusive Q&A with "Lets Talk Fashion". 

So what does an actress like Angela wear to an audition?

" I dress how I think the character would dress. Sometimes this gets hard for me. I often would go and buy new outfits just so that I didn't feel like myself in them. If I've gotten an identity at all in the clothes I own, it would become very difficult for me to pretend I was someone else in them. This was always hard for me too, when I'd have to bring my own clothes to set."

How about your own personal style, how would you describe it?

"Bohemian, french-chic. I like really girly outfits, soft colors and lots of bracelets and accessories.  Think modern day little girl with a mature flair."

How much does the costume, make-up, hair affect your ability to transform into another character?

"Costume: Affects me greatly. I don't really 100% get into character until I have the costume on … and then suddenly, something changes and it all comes together. It's a magical thing. Make-up and hair: hard one for me. I'm so critical about how I look. Stage wise, the makeup for me was much more convincing and much easier for me to slide into character - screen–wise: I generally hate people doing my makeup and always felt like a clown when they got done my face. (ironic because generally you wear so much more makeup on stage). However – feeling like a clown on screen is my greatest downfall – I can't tell you the times looking in the mirror before going onto set took me out of character.  Looking back, it was all in my head though. I'd see the finished product and I'd think … I didn't not look NEARLY as bad as I thought I did the day of the shoot. Hair is much the same for me. On stage you can be bold and creative – on screen, because I have curly hair – they would ALWAYS straighten my hair because the curls were just too much for them to deal with. Flat, straight hair is not my forte."

What is it you love about acting?

"What I love most about acting is being able to create and  to get lost in a world that is not my own. I love finding the nuances of a new character and creating a backstory that blends with my own. I love how therapeutic some roles can be and I enjoy being able to play."

What would you say was your favorite role?
 " My favorite role of all time was playing Charity in Sweet Charity. I identified with her on so many levels – her hopeless zeal for life and love, her spirit, her heartache – her joy. Dancing and singing used to be all that I lived for. Those were the best moments of my life, doing that play. "

What inspires you?

"Love inspires me. My mother's strength is also an inspiration to me. Empathy also inspires me because it teaches me so much about the human spirit. However, at the end of the day … I am a lover of love and use it as my guidepost to be a better person every day. Most days, I fail, but it gives me the hope to try again tomorrow."

Is there a role that you haven't play that you deeply desire? 

"Alma in Summer and Smoke. I have plans to produce the play myself with a friend later this year – but it's one of those roles that I HAVE to do before I get too old. It speaks to me like a necessity. And, I feel like I'm in the perfect place to act in it. I'm not looking for an agent or fame. I need to do it because the story needs to be told."

When asked about the future, Angela speaks of the importance of "authenticity" and being on a path that is right for her. Completely, untarnished by the plastic, fake world of "Hollywood", Angela remains true to the art form that is acting.

"The journey has always been about love.  I find myself quietly immersed in a sea of optimism and grace.  I have been fortunate to work on projects that allow me to showcase my funny side while also giving hope and encouragement to those around me. "

Also involved in charitable organizations through her church and Samoshel you can often spot Angela, serving up some  ice cream to the homeless. 
Sweet, funny, and insightful, Angela Rachelle is for sure an actress that will make a difference in our world. 

    Angela and Me taking photos for "Miss Me Jeans" #alwaysshine

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