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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Week Street Style 2014

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014 Tokyo

Tokyo Fashion Week is a fashion festival held twice a year,hosted by JFW Organization. In March and October, collections from famous Japanese designers are born, and trends for next season are set.
The "slogan" for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO, was to become a gateway for designers to be showcased to the world. It is also a time when fashion lovers take to the street to showcase  their interpretation of fashion trends, and interpretation on what fashion means to them. Always innovative and creative, there is never a dull moment.
Elegant and stylish, the pop of color is done beautifully. I am loving the sleekness and simplicity of their looks, while still remaining elegant and modern.

Quirky and whimsical. These two looks showcase their individual uniqueness in a way that their personal style is celebrated.

These guys are killing it with their mixture of futuristic lines, blended with the classic black white traditions. The pop of color seen in the socks are a fun touch that gives playful and serious a new look.

I appreciate the following looks, for the artsiness, and commitment to the art form. However, this is borderline costume, and I can't help but see "Charlie and the Chochlate Factory" and "Lord of the Rings". 

Surprisingly, these two looks I like. It is completely, aesthetically not my cup of tea. However, it is interesting, and well down. 

Honestly, what happened here? Let me make one thing clear, I have a strong dislike for people who appreciate or create fashion simply for "shock value". Yes, mixing textures, colorblocking, and the layered look is "trendy", but it doesn't mean you should ever do them all at once. 



  1. omg those are some crazy looking layers! I completely agree with layering making your outfit chic. Clearly these people were just looking for the shock value and weren't actually trying to make their outfit stand out in the right way! Anyway, this is a cute blog! I can't wait to see more posts!
    Roxanne Carmen

    1. hi Roxanne!
      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. take care.


  2. Bellissimo blog! Xx