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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coco Rocha: "So Much More than a Super Model"

Anyone who meets Coco Rochas can instantly recognize she is not your typical, "model". A muse for Artists, And Fashion Designers, she is a unique combination of beauty, brains, wit, and talent. Instantly inspiring change and passion into the  lives of others.


Last week, I was lucky enough to meet her at the Luckyfabb event in Beverly Hills. She spoke with us about modeling, the industry, her charities and the two things she can't stand: selfies and trends. She is charming, clever, and fearless in voicing her opinions.

Although, she stated that she believes the age of the "Super Model", would never return, I feel she has far exceeded any super model status. She is beauty in the sense that she is so much more than a pretty face. She lives life with passion and the desire to make the world a better place.

Some of her Activism and charitable work include speaking up against eating disorders in the modeling industry. She uses her blog as her voice and wrote an open letter to The New York Times

She wrote:
"How can any person justify an aesthetic that reduces a woman or child to an emaciated skeleton? Is it art? Surely fashion's aesthetic should enhance and beautify the human form, not destroy it."

In an email to the Associate Press, she wrote:

"I'll never forget the piece of advice I got from people in the industry. When they saw my new body...they said, "You need to lose more weight. The look this year is anorexia. We don't want you to be anorexic, but thats what we want you to look like."

    Jacob, Photo Shop Free Campaign

Coco also partnered with Canadian fashion retailer, Jacob, for a "photo shop free campaign". Coco's goal was to "balance the scales a little by pulling so far back from what has been the current trend of total digital manipulation."

She also launched the "Coco Rocha for Senhoa", a collection produced together with Senhoa, an organization hand crafted by the survivors of human trafficking. The capsule Collection contained 7 unique pieces designed by Coco. 

As an accomplished Irish Step dancer she opened for Jean Paul Gaultier's 2007 Fall/ Winter Collection, Step dancing down the runway to a thrilled audience. American Vogue, dubbed this the "Coco Moment". 

No doubt Coco Rocha has a beautiful face. However, it is her passion, heart, and compassion, that makes her photos, and presence the highest level of excellence and artistry. 




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    1. hi cjhemps,
      hands down, the most interesting model right now! coco is an icon.

  2. Haha I just watched "Coco moment", this was funny

    1. hi margot!

      yes, i saw it too, very cool!