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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Luckyfabb Gift Bag: 5 Tips on What to do With Gifted Products

For those of you who have been to a fashion event, you are probably aware of a gift bag, or complimentary little present or two to end an event.
Luckyfabb's gift bags were on a whole new level. Obviously, resulting from Lucky Magazine's star power team of sponsors and Brand relationships. I received an endless amount of  products plus a stack of gift cards and certificates that gifted me with jewelry, and hair accessories that are still arriving to this day.
As you can see from the photo above, I was gifted hair products, make-up, skincare, and accessories including jewelry, sunglasses, a watch and more. 

After you let the "buzz" of FREE products cool off, there are things you must do. I don't know what it is about receiving things that you don't pay for but it really makes you stop thinking for a hot second or two. However, I have come to realize, the fact that these huge brands are gifting you with products, means, your voice has value. In the world of business nothing is given without strings attached. So what's next? Do you just skip on off with your bag of goodies and rejoice that Christmas has come twice this year and call it a day? 

Here are my tips on how to deal with free products that may come your way.

1.)Be Honest.
 Never feel pressured that you have to promote a company simply because they gave you something for free. Give your honest opinions, and put yourself in the position of a consumer, and ask yourself, would you buy this product? If you don't like a product do not be afraid to decline. Your readers will appreciate your honesty and your "word" will hold value. 

2.) Organize. 
If you received  many products like I did, organize them into categories. For example, categorize your products in boxes. Not to get all OCD on you guys, but "label makers", are a great way to easily see and find products to test and try.  Create categories such as, hair products, skincare, make-up, or accessories. Clothes can be stored by seasons, or colors. 

3.)  Compare.
You do not have to limit your reviews to only the "free" products you received. It is always interesting to a reader if you can compare several products in the same category. For example, Hairspray. If you have a product you love, you can compare it to the product you received against the product you normally use. A sort of battle of the hairsprays.

4.) Speak up. 
I know we were all taught as children to be nice, and often times, saying negative things about a brand seems like you are just being mean. Honestly, as long as you are respectful in your content, a bit of honesty is beneficial for everyone. For example, maybe you receive an adorable crop top that is perfect for your Spring wardrobe, but the inner seams and stitch work are loose and poorly done, then Speak up! Writing about the negative is just as important as the positive. The more people who voice their true opinions, the more likely higher quality products will be produced in the future. 

5.) Quality Photos.
Always think of yourself as a professional, and if you love a product, it's time for pictures! The best way to show your love is by taking amazing photos. Never fail to cover all the bases. From lighting, make-up, wardrobe, background, everything makes a difference. Iron out wrinkles, and wipe off finger prints. 

At the end of the day never for get the power of your words. All opinions should always remain true to your honest opinions.

take care.




  1. Love the way you set everything up! That gift bag was crazy wasn't it? It was very nice meeting you at FABB! Hope to see you at another one soon!

    1. Hi StushiGal,

      It was so nice to meet you! I visited your blog, and it has amazing photos of you. Stay in touch!

  2. Oh, I love the last advice! Presentation is everything. I'm still working on that. Hopefully I'll improve over time!

    Chic and Alluring Blog

    1. hi chic and alluring,

      as long as you have a good eye and care for the little details, your photos will easily become better and better.

      take care,