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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Street Style: India

Street Style in India is bursting with color! Flowing in light cotton materials, there is something effortless and invigorating about their fashion choices. 

Here you can see Western Influence meeting traditional Indian elements. This girl has matched up her vibrant sarong, with a modern day blazer. 

There is a dynamic quality in the way Indian Fashion always showcase color and textures.

Bold Textiles and textures are also favorites in Indian Style.

Street Style in India is always full of life, and color. To understand why they love color so much you need to understand a bit of their culture. India is a highly spiritual society, and color has a deeper meaning than simple trends or style. 
For example, black is considered evil while white is meant for death, and Red is worn at weddings. These beliefs highly effect the "fashion of India" and create a society thriving on Colors. 

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