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Thursday, May 22, 2014

5 Facts Every Fashion Girl Should Know

Being a fashion girl is not as easy as you may think. Now a days, with the increase of fashion bloggers, youtube "gurus" and social media phenomenas, it seems pretty much like anyone can call themselves a fashion expert as long as they have followers. However, does popularity or a trendy style really make you an expert?

The fact is, you will fool no one in the fashion biz without actually knowing some basic facts about the industry. Gaining respect from people who are in the industry means you need to do your "fashion homework". 

Here are my top 5 "Must Know" FACTS.

                                   1.)   EDITOR IN CHIEF
1. Magazines and their Editor in Chief

Start off easy, and pick your favorite fashion magazine and know who is the Editor in Chief. Over time you should build up your knowledge and be aware of others. Study their taste and how it reflects in the magazine. 
My two favorites would be Anne Wintour for VOGUE and Robert Myers for Elle. 

                                         2.) DESIGNERS 
2.) Fashion Designers

It is almost a given you will be asked who are your favorite designers. Always have at least two on the top of your head and be able to answer why. 

My top 2 are Gerorgina Chapman & Keren Craig for MARCHESA and VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. 
As you can see both designers are quite whimsical and full of playful movement. 

                                 3.) PHOTOGRAPHERS 
3.) Photographers

Always be aware of the photos you liked and check to see who took the photo. The name is always written in small black letters in one of the corners of the page. 
My top 2 favorite photographers are Annie Leibovitz and Tim Walker. Their images are both artistic and imaginative. 

                                           4.) MODELS
4.) Models

Be aware of at least two models you adore. Know what you like about them, any campaigns or photos they may have been in, and what sets them apart from other models. 
My two favorites are Coco Rocha and Rosie Huntington Whiteley which I have written articles on below. 

                                 5.) PRONUNCIATION
5.) Pronunciation

Study words and be sure you pronounce them correctly. Nothing makes me cringe more than hearing Hermes or Yves St. Laurent pronounced incorrectly. 
Learning a bit of French will also help you pronounce fashion words correctly. 

Understanding these 5 facts of fashion is an easy way to understand the basic structure that make up the fashion world and set you on the right path. 
It is of course no where near enough information, but consider it the BASICS and at the very bare minimum of what you should know. 


  1. great post

    1. Hi Bronwen Barton,
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Yes! I think these are great tips when it comes to the fashion world. Most people I know wouldn't even know those facts! I am going to get busy and try learning and finding my own knowledge when it comes to the fashion world.