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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Clémence Poésy: How to be Beautifully French

Clémence Poésy is a French actress and fashion model. She is most well  known for her roles in Harry PotterChloë in In Bruges, 127 Hours, and as Eva Copeau on GossipGirl. Her chic style represents everything you should adore from Parisian Style. 

                                     NATURAL LOOK

"Natural" is the essence of "French Girl Style". The hair and make-up are never trying too hard. Most girls wear very little concealer or foundation, making for a very natural face that beams with freshness. Their lips usually nude, or with a light lip balm, and a bit of mascara. 


Lace details, ruffles, bows, silk chiffon blouses,  are all popular among French Girls. Femininity is celebrated and hard edged power looks, are not as common. 
Despite being the Fashion capitol of the World, "trends" do not effect these girls as you would see in America. Most girls have a strong sense of personal style, and stick firm to what they like and dislike. 


When in France, you will also notice the attention to details. Almost every woman carries their style with some sort of accessory. Whether it be a hat, scarf, brooch, hair accessory, or jewelry,final touches are always cutomized.


French Girl Style is classy and elegant. Beauty shines without showing too much skin, or being overly vulgar. 

                                             FLAT SHOES

With the need to walk almost everywhere, rarely will you see a girls in a three inch heel, unless of course it is fashion week. 
Repetto, is a popular brand among women for ballet flats in Paris. 
                                       RELAXED CASUAL

Perhaps, the greatest reason I have such a deep love for French Style, is their amazing ability to look so stylish while remaining so comfortable. Nothing seems overly done, or unnatural. The clothes are part of the person, and enhance the beauty rather that detract.
 It is a style, that has greatly inspired me, and changed the way I feel about beauty in General. 


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