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Monday, May 12, 2014

Fashion Style Inspired by Flowers

Spring is here, and Nature is in full blossom. No one can deny the beauty that comes with this cheerful season, and like the singing birds in the sky, this is your time to shine. Who better to get inspired by than Mother Nature herself?

Here are my Style tips on how to be as beautiful as flowers themselves.

                                         ROSE BEAUTY

When you look at a rose what do you see? First you will notice the softness of the petals, and the curves of beautiful lines the petals make. This dress is a perfect representation of the softness and beauty a rose brings to the eye. Normally, people would match this dress with a deeper purple, or some strappy gold or silver heels. This is standard and predictable. However, use a rose as your inspiration and you can look for an amazing green color shoe with sharp edged rhinestones mimicking the stem and thorns. Voila! Pure Rose Seduciton.

                                    TEXTURES and LIGHT

Spring time is beautiful not only in the sense of "flowers" but the dance of colors that change with the changing light throughout the day. Be observant to the colors changing and gain inspiration on how to add these combinations to your own outfit. 

                     OMBRE and NEIGHBORING COLORS

One of the current trends is "ombre" but did you know this idea is nothing new? Nature has been doing it since the beginning of time. Usually, with flowers, you will see a gradual blend of colors intoit's neighboring  color. "Neighboring" is in reference to the color wheel that follows the order of the rainbow. Play around with matching up accessories and clothes with different shades of the same color family.


Flowers also are abundant in textures and color combinations, and Nature never gets it wrong. Don't be afraid to play around with the shapes and lines you see in flowers. 

                                   COLOR COMBINATIONS 

If there is a master of color, it would be flowers. They have a way of creating the most magnificent cor combinations  that you would never imagine could work. This dress is gorgeous, but wouldn't your first instinct be to buy a shoe within one of the colors in the dress? A white strappy heel or if your daring maybe a pink pump? 
Would you ever go searching for an amazing textured blue sandal pump? If you observe flowers you would. Looking to nature will give you a whole new vision of endless possibilities.


If flowers can teach you anything, it is to look outside the box. Don't be afraid to layer polka dots on polka dots, and why not add an orange ombre clutch? If it works for a dalmation orchid it will work for you as well. 

Be forever inspired...


  1. ooh this post is really interesting, i love flowers but have never really thought to use it as inspiration for fashion. But it is so true that inspiration is everywhere! Thank you for sharing! :) x
    | Life as a Petite |

  2. hi tiny tang!

    Thanks for commenting,and I am glad you enjoyed my article.