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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MET GALA 2014: Fashion Hits and Misses!

Met Gala 2014 was filled with fashion hits and misses, but in general, there was a feeling of "restriction" and boredom.  Very few actually took any risks, and those who did, rarely got it right. The dress code of, "White tie plus accessories" was a far cry from last years theme, "Punk Chaos", and most celebrities seemed lost in what to do with such an orthodox theme. 

Karolina Kurkova, in Marchesa was the "Belle" of the Ball. A perfect example of how you should dress to the Oscar's of Fashion.
Like a statuesque work of Art,  Karolina was a blossoming bouquet of beauty, perfectly accessorized in diamonds, and a fresh chignon. 

                                   BLUSH PINK BEAUTIES

Blush Pink was a perfect choice for an evening celebrating a time of "innocence and feminity". There is something about this pink hue that is sensual in a classic way. It is provocative but controlled, making it a perfect choice for a "white tie" theme. 
 A woman needs to be neither weak nor submissive to look classic and elegant. 

                                       ZAC POSEN GIRLS 

Zac Posen Girls, were all stunning! Perfectly accessorized for a night of class, and glamour.
The actual aesthetic of Posen is rather similar to Charles James, making his ladies perfectly on theme. 

                                      ARTSY RISK TAKERS

There are always dozens of risk takers at an event celebrating fashion, but very few actually can balance the fine line between "interesting" and crazy. These ladies took a risk, but managed to create beauty out of something quite different. 

                             BLACK and WHITE DOMINATE

The abundance of black and white may make some jump to the conclusion that this is a TREND, but it is actually just a reaction on the "white tie" dress code. 
Most people now a days have no idea about social "etiquette" or an era of time, when customs and traditions were in "fashion".
 The idea of having to dress elegant, and classy, is obviously a challenge for young Hollywood, who have forgotten where true glamour originates. Elegance is not simply wearing classic black or white, it is an attitude, and grace from within. 

                                            POOR FIT

All three of these gowns are beautiful in their own right, however, the fit is all wrong. The cut of a dress must be perfectly customized to accentuate the female form. Katie Holmes Marchesa is gorgeous, but this is a classic case of the DRESS wearing the girl, rather than the GIRL is wearing the dress.  

                                        WORST DRESSED

Im not sure what happened here, but you have to appreciate these fashion flops that have you scratching  your head in utter bewilderment. 


  1. I have to agree with the misses..I was actually quite disappointed with their dress choices :( I didn't like Beyonce's dress either...But there were so many stunning dresses as well, loved blake lively's and kendalls :) x
    | Life as a Petite |

    1. Hi Tiny Tang,
      Thanks for commenting! I thought Beyonce's dress was rather beautiful, but it did not photograph well. I don't understand why celebrities wear black when photographs are no longer black and white. All the details and structures on the gowns are not picked up on photos, and it is just a big long black drape. So disappointing.